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About the Designer – Moritz Schurmann

Moritz Schurmann is a self taught goldsmith. Born in Dublin in 1960 to parents Gerda Fromel and Werner Schurmann both sculptors.  Moritz had an interest in jewellery making from an early age.

Moritz has designed a range of pieces the TreasureRing, the Treasure-ingot, the TreasureRing Bead Bracelet, the TreasureRing Snake Bracelet, TreasureRing cuff links and the TreasureRing tie pin for the handcrafted personalized gift market.  Mortiz makes the TreasureRings from his workshop in Lismore, Co.Waterford in Ireland.

Moritz came up with the idea for the TreasureRing when looking for a gift for a friend who had just had a baby.  He wanted something that was unusual yet would be of great sentimental value to both the parent and later to the child. The concept of the TreasureRing being that it could be worn by the parent and then passed on to the child.

The TreasureRing depicts a newborn’s finger size and the ring hangs on either an 18 inch sterling silver chain, a bead bracelet, a snake bracelet or on cuff links or a tie pin which have been newly added to the TreasureRing range. The TreasureRing has the name of the child and the date of birth stamped into it, the birth gem stone set on the right and a diamond for eternity on the left. The TreasureRing is handmade from hallmarked traditional Sterling silver for good luck.

IngotThe “Treasure-ingot” was developed as an alternative option to The TreasureRing more suitable for the male customer. Its scale is the same as a 1/2 ounce fine silver ingot and in addition to The TreasureRing it has the time and place of birth stamped into it.

Moritz specialises in sourcing and using large and unusual cut precious gemstones such as aquamarine, tourmaline, opal, ruby and sapphire, these he sets in platinum, gold or silver to create unique and individual pieces of jewellery. Moritz uses diamonds not only as the focal point but in some cases as a subtle hidden surprise.

Moritz has won a number of awards for his craftsmanship and design, e.g.

  • Accommodation by the Goldsmiths’ Craft Council of England for Designer finished pieces
  • EBS Craft Competition category precious jewellery on two occasions.

Moritz is currently working on a collection of work which will incorporate many unique one off pieces these he hopes to exhibit in the coming year.

How the Treasurering is Made

The TreasureRing is a personalized hand crafted timeless piece of hallmarked jewellery handmade by the Irish designer Moritz Schurmann in his workshop in Lismore, Co.Waterford, Ireland.  Mortiz hand makes the sterling silver ring by molding it into the shape to depict the size of a baby’s finger.  Each letter of the name and date of birth of the child is then individually hand stamped into the ring.  The birthstone of the child and a diamond – for eternity – are then set into the handmade piece.  The ring is then cleaned and polished and the lettering oxidized to make it stand out.  The TreasureRing comes on either an 18” sterling silver chain, a Bead Bracelet, a Snake Bracelet, cuff links or a tie pin so the mother or father can wear it until the child is old enough to do so.  The TreasureRing comes in a beautiful presentation box with the story of the TreasureRing included.  The Sterling Silver used in the making of the TreasureRing is sourced locally.  The diamonds used in the TreasureRing are sourced from Antwerp.  All materials used in the making of the Treasurering are from non conflict sources.

The TreasureRing can also be made for multiple births featuring one ring per child all hanging from one chain or bracelet.

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View more images of the rings and pictures of Moritz making them

The TreasureRing retails from €245 for your personalised handmade TreasureRing on a sterling silver chain.  Prices include post and package to anywhere in Ireland.  Discounts are available for multiple purchases and repeat business.  Please contact us with any specific queries info@treasurering.ie or +353 (0) 58 72840.

Mortiz can make the TreasureRing bespoke to your needs.  Please contact us to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have.


*The TreasureRing takes approximately 10 working days to be handmade from once the order is placed to delivery of your TreasureRing to customers in Ireland.  For overseas orders please allow extra time for postage.  We will provide delivery details when you place your order.