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The TreasureRing is a unique personalized hand crafted gift for a parent to celebrate the birth of their child.

TreasureRing are delighted to announce the addition to the TreasureRing range of the TreasureRing cuff links and the TreasureRing tie pin – just in time for Father’s Day! Click here to see images of the new cuff links and tie pins.

TreasureRing have recently added the TreasureRing Bead Bracelet and the TreasureRing Snake Bracelet to it’s range of personalised products.  Click here to see images of the new bracelets.

The TreasureRing was designed by jewellery maker Moritz Schurmann.

“I was inspired to make the “TreasureRing” when looking for a gift for a friend who had just had a baby,  I wanted something high quality that was unusual yet would be of great sentimental value to both the parent and later to the child. The concept being that it could be worn by a parent and then passed on to the child.”

Depicting a newborns finger size the ring hangs on either an 18 inch sterling silver chain or a snake or bead bracelet which have been newly added to the TreasureRing range. The handmade TreasureRing has the name of the child and date of birth stamped into it, the birth gem stone set on the right and a diamond for eternity on the left. The TreasureRing is handmade from hallmarked traditional Sterling silver for good luck.

The “TreasureRing” features lovely detail yet remains beautiful in its simplicity.  The TreasureRing is an ideal novel gift for a newborn, Christening, Communion or even Birthdays such as 18th or 21st.

Click here to make an enquiry for your personalised handmade TreasureRing, or to read more about Moritz and how the rings are made click here.